Saturday, 22 July 2017

Redcar Tarn

Saturday 22nd July a.m.
A poor morning with heavy rain, I decided to go up to Redcar Tarn where you can still see birds from the car without getting soaked, the temperature was 13°C.When I pulled up I could see a dozen LBB Gulls, 20 BH Gulls and the Lapwing flock building to c100 birds.After a while the rain subsided given me chance to have a walk round adding Linnet,House Martin,Swallow,Swift,Mallard,Canadas, Coot,Moorhen,Oystercatcher,Snipe and Tufted Duck.I saw a bird fly in to the edge of the Tarn and on closer inspection could see it was a Grey Wagtail, a site first for me making for a reasonable session.

Lapwing flock

BH Gull Juv

Coot Juv

Mallard with chick

LBB Gull

Grey Wagtail

Redcar Tarn 22/7/2017

Monday, 17 July 2017

More from Yeadon Tarn

From Sunday 16th July a.m.
My visit to Yeadon Tarn was rewarded by seeing four Common Terns fishing around the water, here are some more pictures I've had chance to sort through plus a Staling posing well.
Common Tern

Common Tern Juv


Yeadon Tarn 16/7/2017

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Yeadon Tarn

Sunday 16th July a.m.
 A cloudy start to the morning with heavy cloud,fog on the tops and drizzle so a delayed start arriving at Yeadon Tarn mid morning with clearing skies the sun starting to break through and a temperature of 16°C.As I approached the Tarn I could see a good number of Mute Swans I eventually counted twenty(yellow 437,Red 515) but my attention quickly switched as a Common Tern flew past me.I soon saw a second and the camera was quickly shooting to get some flight pictures.This is a difficult task with a bridge camera but out of a few hundred taken I got some decent ones.I then saw a juvenile on the wooden break waters and in all got a count of four birds.Fortunately they rested from time to time on posts in the water so I could get some pictures of them.It was wonderful to watch them for a good half an hour as they fished and flew round the Tarn.
 There were other birds which included Gt C. Grebe,Canadas,Greylag,Swift,Swallow,House Martin, Sand Martin,Starling.Kestrel,Reed Bunting,Goldfinch and Starling.There was also the bonus of a Red Kite seen on Hawksworth Moor on my way to Yeadon.
Common Tern

Common Tern Juvenile

BH Gull Juvenile

Common Terns and BH Gull


Large Fish

GC Grebe

Mute Swans


Yeadon Tarn 16/7/2017

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Cullingworth and Hewenden Reservoir

Sunday 9th July a.m.
Another bright sunny start with a temperature of 12°C, at the bottom of our road were five Swifts screeching overhead in their usual summer spot, I suspect they have nests on the houses here.Walking up the road and near the top were House Martins overhead they visit their nests regularly, its great to see them on an evening as they fly low over the back gardens feeding, sometimes almost in touching distance.
  The usual species such as House Sparrow,Jackdaw and Collared Dove were seen on my way to Hewenden Viaduct where another 25 Swifts were overhead.On the reservoir Canadas and Mallards could be seen, over the water Swallows and more House Martins.Goldfinches were already on the Thistle seeds but generally a low key morning walk with not a lot of picture opportunities.
  However a bird on a distant wall caught my attention, at first thinking Juv Grey Wagtail, so I took a couple of pictures.When I got home and looked at them I was delighted to see it was a Juv Redstart, a first for the Cullingworth/Hewenden area for me, good to have surprises like that.Other birds seen during my walk included BH and LBB Gulls,Willow Warbler,Pied Wagtail,Perergrine and three Chiffchaffs heard.
Redstart Juvenile


Peregrine keeping an eye on proceedings

Pied Wagtail Juv

Swallow Juv


Goldfinch on the Thistle seeds

Hewenden Reservoir

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Leeshaw and Leeming Reservoirs

Saturday 8th July a.m.
A bright sunny morning with a start temperature of 12°C on my arrival, plenty Oystercatchers around with a count of at least 12, Lapwings were gathered on the shoreline with a few still in the fields with juveniles.The Little Owl was in its usual spot, as I walked on the track I could see good numbers of Canadas and Greylags,several Mipits and a juvenile Pied Wagtail briefly posed for a picture.A couple of Cormorants were seen as was a Grey Heron with several Rooks in a field and plenty of Starlings.
Then I spotted a bird on the opposite bank a white bird, then through the bins I could see it was a Little Egret, wow! a first for me here and in the local area.Well pleased with this I decided to follow on to Leeming.
As I approached the reservoir I could see a Kestrel in the distance and a House Martin over the field and a couple of Sand Martins.A Grey Heron was on the dam banking a couple of Willow Warblers made a brief appearance followed by five Goldfinch.Swallows were over the water and good to see a Tufted Duck on the water with four LBB Gulls at the waters edge.There were three Grey Wagtails near the small pond but the highlight was a Common Sandpiper in the far corner.
Little Egret

Little Owl


Lapwing Juv

Meadow Pipit


Pied Wag Juv

Common Sandpiper

Grey Wagtail


Willow Warbler

Leeming Reservoir